Tuesday, 21 February 2012

YCN Brief

I've just started on my University led brief for YCN, and the 'graze' brief seems to be shouting at me the most. I've been getting graze box's the last few weeks without realising it was on the list of YCN brief's, obviously I was quite happy to see it on there after only recently starting my obsession with them.

YCN graze brief

Graze is a fantastic example of a modern, unique profitable brand. Usually when it comes to such a money making success as graze, you'll find a whole load of other brands in the same category making competition,but graze has really held its own in keeping that sense of unique cleverness.

To get the best result from the brief i'm really digging deep into the values of Graze, their audience and what they would really want to see. I'll spend the next few days researching and drafting initial ideas before going into development, but I already have a few unravelling.

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