Saturday, 26 May 2012

Self-Marketing/Logo Development

So as a little summer project i've decided to 'brand' myself, make a logo and style that I can apply to things like my CV, portfolio... Obviously, since this is a visual representation of myself, I'm taking the things that inspire me the most and will be applying them to my designs.

Because I have such a huge HUGE passion for American culture, I've started looking at places like classic American diners where the designs are strong and unique so use them as influence for my own logo, style...

Here's a few examples of great Diner logo's i've been looking too for inspiration:

The typefaces are usually a mix of handwritten signature type font mixed with a bold straight edged retro font which is a really nice look that i'll be looking to adopt in my logo. Colour wise, these are quite a mix but i'll be looking to classic American colours for my palette.

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