Friday, 4 May 2012

Style and Substance - Part 2 Development

So for Part 2, which was to apply our chosen style to an everyday product, I chose Evian water.
Evian water as I wrote in my research has had several collaboration's with designers on their bottles before, so I thought it would be the perfect fit.
I went straight into designing character's and a scenario to cover the bottle.

Just an example of the kind of sketches I was producing for my design:
And the group of character's I produced in illustrator to advertise the brand, they each have their own linking back stories that all contribute towards promoting Evian water.
I then moved on to creating an underwater scene, I wanted the underwater part to fit in with the water in the bottle, so towards to the top I designed the Evian mountain's into the background, so the design had a sort of fantasy 'x-ray' of the bottle.

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