Monday, 11 June 2012


Whenever i'm on the internet I always try to keep up to date with design trends and upcoming designers.
Running my own website, Twitter page, blog, Flickr and Deviantart on top of my personal Facebook, Twitter page... has become quite a chore so adding another one to the catalogue has always been my lowest priority, until today.
I've stumbled across Behance various times in the past but i've never really sat and looked through the site with focused interest, so when I was doing just that today I was taken aback by the work of some incredible designers that I'd never even heard of before.

Here are just a few that inspired me:

Yum Yum

 A London based duo who have created their own line of vinyl toys with accompanying animations.
Their latest animation 'Happy Food' has a level of detail, colour and texture that match those of famous animation houses such as Pixar and Aardman. The toys which are in a current high demand are both fun and original, and really do what they say on the box 'making things to make you happy'.


A Design team based in Asia who create and sell their own unique designs based on American and Asian culture. These guys really appealed to everything I love about design, similar to that of 'tokidoki' (another greatly admired design company of mine) they've created their own style and made it into a brand, selling t-shirts, journals, stickers, posters.. all sorts of different ever expanding product lines.
The style is a clean modernized take on American typographic art and logo art, all brought together in fun explosions of image text and colour that compliment each other beautifully like a well thought out collage.
They adhere to some of today's biggest brands that also utilize a similar style such as Superdry and Hollister but really make it their own and make it better. I was especially impressed with their embossed product's as the level of detail is incredible and the finish is really unique.

I could talk about them all day but I'll let their work speak for themselves

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